My Brother’s Keeper Movement is committed to ensuring we build safe and supportive communities throughout the City of Houston. We are excited to partner with Be SMART + Be SAFE to ensure we equip our families with essential skills to to properly interact with law enforcement officers during a traffic stop.
— Noel Pinnock - Bureau Chief Houston Health Department
We believe that by establishing strong, respectful interactions between law enforcement and teens we can change the expectations for how police and kids interact with one another, especially kids from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds.
— Misti Potter - CEO, Boys & Girls Club of the Austin Area

A Deferred Disposition resource that creates moments of education and encouragement.

Be SMART + Be SAFE will provide young people with knowledge of the law and the confidence to interact with law enforcement officers in a safe and respectful way.

For judges, Be SMART + Be SAFE is a one of a kind deferred disposition engagement resource. The Be SMART + Be SAFE Booklet & Online Test provides a social and emotional foundation for improving interactions with police and other authority figures .

  • Confidence at traffic stops

  • Knowledge of the law

  • Best practice behavior with authority

The lessons in Be SMART + Be SAFE will serve young people for a lifetime. Although designed for interactions with police at traffic stops, the curriculum also addresses other law enforcement interactions so that all encounters result in positive outcomes and everyone gets home safely.

Be SMART + Be SAFE is designed to keep high stakes interactions between young people and law enforcement from escalating unnecessarily into a crisis with the overall goal of ensuring all parties engage each other with both dignity and respect.