This was interesting and helped me learn something new.
— Field Test student participant
Teaching this made me think about my own attitudes toward Law Enforcement officers. It helped me as well.
— Teacher Participant
Everybody needs this knowledge right now - they get the benefit of knowledge that could help them stay alive.
— Principal at Field Test campus

82% of students in Field Test said they gained knowledge that would make them more confident interacting with officers.

Be SMART + Be SAFE aligns with the training requirements in Senate Bill 30. This bill requires schools and districts to provide instruction to all high school students in appropriate interaction with law enforcement officers.

The Be SMART + Be SAFE curriculum teaches young people how to most effectively interact with officers. Components of the curriculum include:

  • A Student “take home” booklet to share with families

  • A set of Teacher Lesson Plans that align with TEKS Standards

  • A set of Assessments to ensure student comprehension.

The goal of the Be SMART + Be SAFE curriculum is to keep these high stakes interactions from escalating unnecessarily.

Field Test data showed that:

  • Nearly 60% of high school students have had a previous encounter with Law Enforcement.

  • 82% said they gained knowledge that would make them “more confident” or “very confident” in interacting with Law Enforcement.